Feature Film

After discovering top secret data on a stolen memory card, a computer hacker becomes a target of the world's most powerful financial empire, which has been operating in the shadows for centuries and will do everything in its power to keep their existence hidden.

Currently we are planning the feature film SHADOW EMPIRE - a political conspiracy thriller that traces its roots to classics from the golden age of the genre in the 70s, such as "Three Days of the Condor" and "The Manchurian Candidate". At the same time, it builds on those inspirations by introducing mainstream action in the vein of "Enemy of the State" and "Bourne Identity". 

The underlying concept is deeply grounded in reality. We live in an increasingly global economy that has constantly been optimized and re-calibrated over the past decades to ensure only one thing: increased profits for those in power. SHADOW EMPIRE taps directly into this social and political live-wire that is running through our collective consciousness.  At the same time the film is about the timeless conflict between altruism and egotism. Between taking a stand for a community instead of caring about just oneself. Our protagonist deals with doubts and fears that all of us recognize from our own lives. And in the end, he realizes that every defeat carries within it the seeds for growth - if you are willing to face the challenges. The audience experiences his journey with an immediacy and intimacy that makes this film a riveting emotional rollercoaster that is both timeless and topical.

Based on: Short Film REBORN by Rodja Tröscher


Short Film

In a world without hope and freedom a key falls into the hands of an outsider that changes everything.

Computer-Nerd Daniel Sieger is a washed-up loser, living in a run-down flat. He struggles through everyday life and his relationship with his girlfriend Helen is about to fail. During a routine assignment Daniel discovers secret documents on a computer hard drive that expose the dark affairs of the world.  From this moment his life changes abruptly. Events spiral out of control and he suddenly finds himself the target of active worldwide Special Forces.

Thriller, 26 minutes, HD, Color, Surround 5.1

Cast: Christian Kahrmann, Milton Welsh, Rodja Martin Tröscher, Lara Marian, Anthony Straeger, Jessica McIntyre, Timo Jacobs, Jerry Kwarteng, Hubert Burzcek, Michael R. Scholze, Kirk Kirchberger, Achim Biedermann - Production Manager: Ruben Silberling - Production Assistant: Nathalie Riesch, Jutta Wunderlich - Director: Rodja Tröscher - Assistant Director: Jacob Klein - Set Manager: Madeleine Krakor - Script: Rodja Tröscher, Anthony Straeger - Cinematographer: Axel Fischer bvk - First Assistant Camera: Jacob Klein, Katharina Blanken, Peter Sebera - Best Boy: Remo Knauf - Production Sound Mixer: Martin Hertel, Achim Burkhart - Boom Operator: Felix Jäkel, Vincent Zegveld - Music: Martin Wiese - Sounddesign & Editing: Sebastian Breiter - Costume Design: Petra Fassbender - Costume Standby: Jorinde Markert, Clara Stürzel - Make-up Artist: Mandy Soßmann - Production Design: Rodja Tröscher - Editing: Rodja Tröscher, Krishna Bhati - Colorgrading: Florian Schäfer, Optix Hamburg - Visual Effects: Rodja Tröscher, Mikko Ruostila, Sebastian Rohner, Anjuli Mara

About Reborn:

REBORN was shot in Berlin in October 2014 and was completed within thirteen days. The editing process, visual effects and color correction lasted about one year.  From the beginning it was the idea to shoot this film as a promotion trailer for a planned feature and as a short that contains a coherent story. REBORN premiered in cooperation with the cinema chain CINESTAR in Berlin in February 2016. The movie was screened at the European Film Market of the BERLINALE and was regularly broadcasted on television at TELE5. The movie was part of the official selections of eleven film festivals and won three Awards so far.


Berlinale European Film Market (2016), Genrenale (Berlin - 2016), Los Angeles Cine Fest (2016), Miami Independent Film Festival (2016), Catalina Film Festival (Los Angeles - 2016), Roma Cinema DOC (2016), Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange (New York - 2016), Wasteland Film Festival (California - 2016), International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu (India - 2016), Indigo Filmfest (Germany - 2016), Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (2016),  Polish International Film Festival (2017), Grand Indie Wise Convention (Miami - 2016), Geo Film Festival (Italy - 2017)

Festival feedback:

"We received a total of 66 films from 20 countries for our inaugural. REBORN received some high marks from our judges. The Award of Merit is our third tier placement. REBORN was the top film for the Award of Merit, just a few points short of receiving an Award of Excellence, and received high marks for performances, cinematography and overall production value." - Best Shorts, Los Angeles

"This year we've received 132 films in your category alone. Congratulations, REBORN won Honorable Mention Certificate. Special awards are given to films that were strongly considered for the main award. It's the way for us to give these films a deserved recognition." - Chicago Arthouse Film Festival


Short Film

A young man travels into a magical world to conquer his dream woman.

One night in a bar, Allan meets the girl of his dreams. But all doesn't go to plan when her boyfriend turns up and is dead set on a confrontation. In a desperate bid to escape Allan heads for the rest room. As the boyfriend bangs on the door, he wishes for a solution, which comes in the shape of a magical mirror.

Fantasy, 7 minutes, HD, Color, Stereo

Cast: Christian Kahrmann, Rodja Tröscher, Stephanie Krogmann, Tobias Licht - Director & Script: Rodja Tröscher - Assistant Director: Nici Brückner - Cinematographer: Andreas Gockel, BVK - Music & Sounddesign: Martin Wiese - Editing: Rodja Tröscher - Colorgrading & Effects: Sebastian Rohner - Costume Design: Petra Fassbender - Make-Up Artist: Mandy Soßmann

Password: Richard


Short Film

Two  men  love  the  same  woman  -  can  their  friendship survive  this?

One day, when Erik meets a young woman at a petrol station who looks like his big love Carolin he decides to visit her and to confess his feelings. But when he arrives, he does not know that she and his best friend will break his heart and throw him into deep darkness.

Drama, 15 minutes, HD, Color, Stereo

Cast: Tobias Licht, Rodja Martin Tröscher, Anna Schütz - Director & Script: Rodja Tröscher - Cinematographer: Andreas Gockel & Axel Fischer - First Assistant Camera: Flu Popow, Lucas Licht, Charles Gouvea - Boom Oerator: Xavier Thieulin, Stephen Delisle - Lighting Technicians: Lucas Licht, Matthieu Wölper, Tobias Conradi - Make-Up Artist: Amani Melanie Sidani - Costume Design: Petra Fassbender - Color Grading: Sebastian Rohner - Editing: Rodja Tröscher